Christmastime Again

As I come home from work…everyone is hurrying to get to their destination. Most I find is very rude when they appear at the line-ups. I’m a cashier so I see lot’s of disgruntled people. Christmastime is suppose to be a happy time of the year to relax.

This song relates to so many things nowadays…time is going faster.


What Christmas Means to Me! is not about the presents, decorated trees, lighted houses, or the great big turkey dinners.  I personally can live without all the hustle and bustle at stores.  People seriously believe they need to get someone something, if not they feel left out or saddened.

My automatic response is when someone says, “That was too much to give to that person,” I normally want to say, “Then why give if your heart isn’t in it?”

The Holidays are great!  I like them too, don’t get me wrong.  Spending time with family friends are important.  But if that is all that matters at Christmas, I think we have to really remember what Christmas truly means.  We love to be with each other at Christmastime, let’s face it.  We love the fun activities and joyous time of the year that makes everyone jolly and joyful.

I’m not saying to be a Grinch at Christmas.  But we need to refocus what Christmas is all about.  Jesus Christ came to earth as a baby to free those who are wounded who need mending, those who are lonely to give comfort, and those who are guilty to give them freedom.

He is Emmanuel! God with us!

Jesus was born in a humble place…in a stable of all things.  Shepherds came to see if what the angels who told them were true.  Yes, it was true!

Christmas can be celebrated with friends and family, but please don’t forget what it’s really about.  Many may not like the idea that Christmas is a Christian holiday, but it is birthed with Jesus Christ being born.

This Christmas, I encourage you to read about Jesus’ birth in the book of Luke.  God sent us his son to earth for a reason…that special reason is when He gets older, He will die upon a tree for your sins.  He lived a righteous life and pleased His Father.  This Christmastime season, follow Christ today. He cares for you and loves you.

Won’t you trust in Him as your Savior?

Little Drummer Boy

What gifts do you have to give to Jesus Christ this wonderful season? Share your talents either through video or take pictures. Let’s be a light this Christmas for those who don’t know what Christmas is about.

Bring your best gift to Jesus today! Your life.