Gospel for Asia

Uncovering the Greatest Treasure

If only I can be healed, but no one is able to heal me…

Madira was a typical mother, large home, and great income from her husband as he was a police officer. They were able to build a better home for their family…which included 5 children. Madira was into doing her regular rituals in her religion. She was devoted to worshiping the gods and goddesses…most often she always asked them for help.

It came though that none of her ritual devotion by worshiping these “idols” were helping her. The extreme physical pain was constant and due to this illness she had, she felt discomfort. No peace, all the witch doctors prescribed things for her…it did not work. After 6 years, the witch doctors gave up on her. This is when you start to lose hope. You start to wonder if other things can help.

That’s when she asked her son to read the Bible to her. She felt some discomfort left. Pain left her body.

Nowadays, people don’t want to believe that a “book” can heal. It’s not the book itself…it’s what’s in it that can change someone’s life. I remember a time when I spoke out-loud scriptures and the pain was gone. It’s simply because we are focusing what someone is reading to us or when we read it ourselves. I focused on that God was with me and through the pain, He healed me.

God uses different methods to heal. If He wanted to use a type of food on the market to help you through something, He will. Why? Because He knows more about us and what we exactly need.

Read your Bible in a whole new way. That the Bible is miraculous through the words of Jesus’ words. Focus on Christ when you read.

If you are a non-believer in Christ, I suggest you keep your eyes open and your ears listening. Jesus knows exactly what you need in life. Read the Book of John.

learn more about Madira’s story below:

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About Miranda Hanchar

Just a young adult that wants to share the Gospel (about Jesus Christ) through writing. I love spending time with my family, being crafty, web-browsing, reading, and loving the outdoors.


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