40 Nights

We all go through temptations in life and this movie was an awesome way to look at what Jesus must have gone through. We all go through it…temptations to do wrong. It’s our choice on what to choose though. Do we give in or do we say “NO”?! I think with this movie it shows … More 40 Nights


What Does Abortion Really Mean? I’ve thought about it and pondered on how I should answer that question…it’s controversial-yes…do I like to talk about it-no…but I need to share what’s on my heart about certain matters. I’m a believer and every baby is precious…the mother’s womb is suppose to be the safest place to be…how … More Abortion?

Are You Ready?

My dad (Greg H.) actually wrote this piece that is written below… None of this is my writing…nor do I take any credit for it We are soon approaching a spectacular event that will impact the entire world. It will be spectacular for those who are ready for it, but frightening for those are not … More Are You Ready?

Smart Little Girl

(true story) One day a little girl was sitting in a classroom. The teacher was going to explain evolution to the children. The teacher asked a little boy: TEACHER: “Tommy do you see the tree outside?” Tommy: “Yes.” Teacher: “Do you see the grass outside?” Tommy: “Yes.” Teacher: “Go outside and look up and see … More Smart Little Girl